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KTP for Academics

Our KTP Centre has supported academics in over 500 KTPs since it was established in 1998. We welcome all enquiries and support academics in nurturing the seeds of a project idea through proposal development and submission right to completion of their 1-3 year KTP project.

Why engage in a KTP?

As academics, building relationships and partnerships with those who can benefit from your research, specialist knowledge and expertise whether in industrial, pubic sector or third sector organisations, is both satisfying and important. Indeed, engaging in KTPs can be highly rewarding.

An immense array of benefits

a test bed for theoretical work

publications for target journals and papers for conferences

industrial partners for further research funding applications

a rich seam of case studies to use in teaching

sources for undergraduate, post-graduate, PhD student projects

guest speakers for student lectures and university events

openings into new seams of research

a strong source of case studies for REF

Demonstrating Impact

The Research Excellence Framework (REF) seeks demonstration of research impact and requires the submission of a selection of impact case studies for assessment in the REF. KTPs have the potential to provide a rich source of such case studies.

In the last two REFs, ‘impact’ has been a very important component. Our KTPs with Martec Engineering provided one of our submissions for REF 2021.
Professor Remo Pedreschi - Professor of Architectural Technology
University of Edinburgh

KTPs provide fantastic impact case studies. They’re great at demonstrating depth. It’s all verifiable and externally auditable - it makes a very good Impact Case Study.
Professor Umit Bititchi - Professor of Business Performance
Edinburgh Business School, Heriot-Watt University

Prior to the KTP all my research was geared towards the fundamental aspects of graphene. The KTP collaboration enabled the translation of that into real industrial applications.
Dr Renald Schaub - Lecturer
School of Chemistry, University of St Andrew’s

The KTP project delivered for me as an academic a range of different gains. We will have publications out of this. I use it for teaching students, I’m able to give presentations at conferences and most critically it allows me to demonstrate impact for my work, and for academics nowadays, that’s a very important aspect of academic life.
Professor James E Bron - Professor of Aquatic Animal Health
Institute of Aquaculture, University of Stirling

Getting Involved

KTP projects tend to emerge out of conversations between academics and company executives at conferences and events, from companies seeking advice from academics directly or being signposted to universities by support agencies, or from university outreach activities.

Building your Networks

Seasoned KTP academics emphasise the importance of newer academics starting to build their own networks as early as possible in their careers. While recognising that some find that easier than others, there are many ways to make contact and start conversations. 

  • Call the company and invite their key people to guest lecture to students
  • Seek agreement to take students on a visit to their organisations
  • Engage in conversations at conferences
  • Work with your colleagues, and enterprise and research officers, to organise ‘industry days’ to showcase your group or departments work

Enquire about what they’re working on and probe around roadblocks or particular challenges they’re facing.

Top Tip!

With over 30 KTP projects under his belt, Professor Umit Bitichi from the Edinburgh Business School at Heriot-Watt University says “I always aim to find out what’s keeping people in industry awake at night”

Dr Renald Schaub, Lecturer, School of Chemistry, University of St Andrew’s

KTP Company Partner -Integrated Graphene Ltd

Professor Remo Pedreschi, Professor of Architectural Technology, University of Edinburgh

KTP Company Partner - Martec Engineering Ltd

Professor James E Bron, Professor of Aquatic Animal Health, Institute of Aquaculture, University of Stirling

KTP Company Partner - Pulcea Ltd

Professor Emma Hart, Professor of Computer Science, Edinburgh Napier University

KTP Company Partner - Verint Ltd